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Dr. Andrew J. Weaver (FRSC) is an international leader in ocean and climate modelling and analysis and, in particular, is a foremost expert on the role of the ocean in climate variability and change. Dr. Weaver received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Applied Mathematics at the University of British Columbia in 1987. He then held postdoctoral positions at the School of Mathematics at the University of New South Wales in Australia and at the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean at the University of Washington. Dr. Weaver was Assistant Professor in the Department or Meteorology at McGill University and began his career at the University of Victoria in 1992 as Assistant Professor in the newly established School of Earth and Ocean Sciences. He was appointed Associate Professor in 1994 and a Full Professor in 1997.

Dr. Weaver's research at the University of Victoria involves multiple aspects of ocean, climate, and paleoclimate modeling and analysis and he built a large laboratory of staff, students and research associates. He was instrumental in bringing the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis to the university. His research group developed an Earth System Climate Model referred to internationally as the University of Victoria climate model.

A novel aspect of Dr. Weaver's approach to research is his ability to transcend traditional disciplinary barriers. A unifying theme in his work is enhancing our scientific understanding of the natural environment. He recently became interested in how climate and abrupt climate change has affected human dispersal over the last 135,000 years, and together with his colleagues he has published a number of manuscripts in this emerging field. Finally, Dr. Weaver is an outstanding spokesperson on issues concerning climate science and he has dedicated enormous energy conveying sound science to the public at large. Dr. Weaver has served on many national and international committees and his scientific contributions have been recognized internationally through his election to learned societies and his winning of prestigious scientific awards as well as the Order of British Columbia.