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The 2020 A.G. Huntsman Award is presented to John Charles Marshall in recognition of his extraordinary ability to combine physical reasoning with analytical and numerical investigations which have led to major contributions in many areas of physical oceanography, the interaction of the ocean with the atmosphere, and the role of the ocean in climate.

Dr. Marshall's work has greatly expanded our capability to understand and predict ocean processes and variability, and their role in the climate system, for example, one of his major contributions is a better understanding of the ocean’s overturning circulation. A pioneer in developing and applying numerical ocean models, Prof. Marshall has made essential contributions to understanding and parameterizing ocean processes in numerical models of ocean circulation and in coupled climate models, which are extremely important tools in international efforts to project future climate. The MITgcm, a widely used general ocean circulation model, was developed under his leadership and is the gold standard of community ocean models.

Dr. Marshall is a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA. He has broad interests in climate and the general circulation of the atmosphere and oceans. His research is directed at understanding the cause of the general circulation of the oceans, its interaction with the atmosphere and its role in the global climate and climate change.

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