Nominations for the 2017 award are now closed.

Please check back here in early 2018 for information about the next round of nominations. 



The nomination package can be downloaded here. Upon completion, the nomination form is expected to be 2 to 5 pages and should be accompanied by a full curriculum vitae and publication list.  Supporting letters or abbreviated nominations from one to three colleagues are desirable and can be provided as part of the nomination, or this information can be submitted separately.


The deadline for receipt of nominations is April 15, 2017.  Nominations may be submitted by mail or email to the Chair of the Selection Committee.


Dr. Jonathan A.D. Fisher

Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research

Fisheries and Marine Institute

Memorial University of Newfoundland

P.O. Box 4920

St. John's, Newfoundland

A1C 5R3



Telephone: 709-778-0652

Email: Jonathan.Fisher@mi.mun.ca




The A.G. Huntsman Award is presented annually by the Royal Society of Canada to recognize excellence of research and outstanding contributions to marine sciences. Until 2013, the A.G. Huntsman Award had been presented in one of three categories on a rotating basis: Marine Geoscience, Physical/Chemical Oceanography, or Biological Oceanography and Fisheries Science. Recognizing there is often a considerable degree of overlap among these fields of study, more recent awards have no such categorical distinction and are simply awarded for excellence in marine sciences. The intent is not to exclude candidates that focus on single disciplines, but to acknowledge that some research defies such categorization, since it spans multiple disciplines. The overarching aim is to find and recognize truly exceptional marine scientists.


The A.G. Huntsman Medal is awarded to those men and women, of any nationality, who have had and still have a significant influence on the course of marine scientific thought according to the following criteria:

1. for unequalled excellence in their respective fields;

2. for the influence of their work on the course of scientific thought in their respective fields; and

3. for their continuing and current activities at the forefront of their respective fields..

As a guideline, nominees whose research career to date is generally no more than 30 years since PhD was conferred are being sought. Discretion can be used for any outstanding nomination.


The list of previous awardees is on the Laureates page.